What the pros say…

BALANCE is Everything.”

-Tim McKenna, Teaching Professional

BALANCE is one of the least discussed, but Most Important Elements of the Full Swing.”

-Tiger Woods, 14 Majors and 70 PGA Tour Victories

“Jack Grout believed that a golfer couldn’t keep his head steady if he didn’t stay well BALANCED throughout the swing…..Grout felt the key to BALANCE was good footwork, and later success of what he taught me obliges me to agree 1000%.”

-Jack Niclaus, 18 Majors and 74 PGA Tour Victories

“My Approach to driving the ball straight and far is Good BALANCE throughout the golf swing, building a good foundation throughout the golf swing.  I cannot over emphasize the importance of Balance in every shot of the game.”

-Calving Peete, best driving accuracy: PGA Tour 10 years and Senior Tour 4 years, 12 PGA Tour Victories

I’ve focused on making a more rotational swing and releasing my right side through the ball to a BALANCED finish over my left leg.”

-Annika Sorenstam, 10 Majors and 72 LPGA Victories

“The point that Martino and his colleagues at the PGA are trying to promote is that, while strength is a factor, so are BALANCE and the routine of repeatedly setting up a shot.”

-Rich Martino, Master Professional at the PGA

Balance, outside of flexibility/mobility, is probably the most important physical aspect of the golf swing.”

-Sean Cochran, PGA Fitness Trainer

“Balance, Strength, and Flexibility are equally important in the golf swing.”

-Don Donotucci, PGA

“The function of correct foot work is to get the body in the right place for the arms to act with maximum precision and power, and with smoothness.”

-Tommy Armour

“To increase speed you must have Balance.”

-Dave Phillips, Titleist Performance Institute

“Stability is a combination of strength, muscular endurance and BALANCE. Most golfers have Balance issues.”

-Dr. Greg Rose, Titleist Performance Institute

“Those who are observant enough to notice the footwork of top players will come to realize that BALANCE is an IMPORTANT part of every golf shot.  It is impossible to attain Balance without good foot action.”

-Ben Hogan, Golf Legend of the PGA

“It is not possible to be a consistent player without good Balance.”

-Randy Moore, Inventor of the Perfect Balance Swing & Fitness System

Balance is one of the most Important skills given to humans and animals.”

-Dr.Yashitaka Kagasaki, Level III Member, USGTF Japan

“Overswinging causes a loss of BALANCE.  When you try to hit the ball as hard as you can you lose your BALANCE and your timing is very poor.”

-Sam Snead, PGA Legend

“BALANCE is the Foundation of the Universe.”

-Walter Russell