“After using the Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System for a couple months, my handicap has dropped from an eleven to a nine.  The first time that you step onto the Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System, it gives you an incredible experience of proper stance alignment and positioning which is critical for making a consistent stroke.  Now that I can make a proper weight shift I have improved my distance by at least one club length.  The best thing about it is that it gives you power and confidence in your swing.  If I can improve at my age, anyone can do it using the Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System.”

-James Irby, golfer, age 72

“As soon as you step on the platform of the Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System, the body assumes an athletic golf stance and posture.  The feeling of the weight being shifted to the instep and ‘activating – or alerting’ the person to the adductor muscle is something many golfers have trouble finding.

For years now, I’ve used an assortment of things from wooded and foam wedges to headcovers that I would place under the outside of my students’ shoes.  This was never consistent, and usually required me to kneel down while trying to insert the wedge and having to manipulate the person’s foot to get it set properly. The Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System platform immediate and consistent feel and feedback as to how to assume the proper set up with hardly any guidence from me.  Not only does it make find the right set up easier, it helps prevent the rear side breakdown that occurs with most bad golf swings.  It keeps the rear foot from rolling and makes hip swaying during the back swing feel incorrect.  These feeling are essential as most golfers tend to lead the takeaway with their rear side as a whole, thus swaying away, and then lifting the club to an upright or reverse pivot position.  The correct backswing should be a result of taking the club away with the hands, which pull the front side shoulder and then the hips, so weight is shifted into the adductor muscles of a firm rear leg.  The firm rear leg is the foundation of a solid and consistent golf swing.

This is an excellent unit and it has complemented my ability to transmit feel (kinesthetic learning) during golf lessons. I regard being able to communicate feeling is equal, if not more important than the knowledge I can impart during a great lesson.  My students love it, and we now use the PBS&FS for a five minute stretch before beginning each lesson. When using the tension bands, it’s apparent that the core muscles are receiving a good workout while the body reinforces the feeling of a proper weight shift and good upper body turn.  This unit is now a valuable part of my teaching program. The PBS&FS is helping me get my students better results!”

-James G. Awad, CSMT, Head PGA Professional, The Tappan Golf Center

“I knew that the Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System would help, but not as much as it has.  I felt like within the first two weeks of using the Perfect Balance I had gotten my money’s worth.  It has improved my balnace, flexibility and stamina.  I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to become more active or increase their fitness level.”

-Ozell Irby, golfer, age 68

“Well done!  The Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System is a very nice product.  Easy to use and would be a great benefit to anyone interested in playing better golf.  Most people believe the biggest barrier to improvement is their equipment…they are hoping better clubs will result in better play.  In reality, it is the lack of golf specific fitness and conditioning that is the barrier they need to address.”

-Jeff Blanchard, Blanchard Golf Injury Seminar

“The Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System is by far the most effective new product to hit the golf market in decades.  It enables young, middle-aged and older golfers to strengthen and balance their set-up. swing plane and follow-thru in minutes a day.

I have been playing golf for 50 years, 30 years as a professional golfer, and I only wish that this Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System would have been around when I was a young golfer starting out.

The benefits from the Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System are immediate.  It is in the name PERFECT BALANCE. It is so simple and fun to use that you will benefit from it the first time you step on the balance board.

I urge each and everyone of you who wants to become “balnaced” and “stronger” in your golf swing to use the Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System.  If you want to excel in golf, hitting balls is not enough – you have to be in shape the modern way.

Don’t wait or hesitate.  Get in the swing right away.  Get your Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System today!”

-Dave Kukoy, Retired PGA Professional